Rental conditions

Here you will find our General Terms and Conditions, as well as other useful information such as our house rules and travel insurance.

House rules

If you do not comply with the house rules, we can cancel the booking and deny access without refund.

Arrival/departure days
Winter: In winter we have fixed arrival and departure days (except for the beginning/end of the season) and our house can be booked weekly.

Summer/spring, autumn: From mid-March until just before Christmas, we have a free choice of arrival and departure days for our holiday homes. This period is therefore very flexible.

Check-in on the day of arrival after 4:00 PM
Check-out on the day of departure before 10:00 am

Non-smoking Holiday Homes
We are a non-smoking house. Of course you can smoke on the terrace and/or balcony. 

Our home includes the following:

  • Free parking space
  • Kitchen towel, dishcloth,
  • dishwashing liquid, cleaning products
  • 2 toilet rolls
  • WiFi (without downloads)
  • Water, gas and electricity

If you want to bring a pet, ask us about the possibilities. Please inform us before booking, otherwise we have the right to cancel the reservation.

Number of persons
The number of persons must not exceed the maximum number of the apartment. If more people stay in our apartment, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.

Under no circumstances may the apartment be sublet by you.

In the event of a cancellation, please let us know in writing as soon as possible, so that we can quickly rent the apartment again.

In case of damage/damage, you must report this. any liability. We are not liable for your property.
The main tenant is liable for complying with the house rules/information and for his/her fellow travelers who use the property. We reserve the right to inspect the property during your stay. If the apartment is not left tidy or dirty, we will charge you for this.

Travel insurance
Before or during your holiday, something can happen at any time, such as a cancellation, a search and/or rescue, various costs arising from accidents, etc. That is why it is very important to take out “cancellation insurance” because the additional costs can be high. Go to the Europäische Reiseversicherung website and calculate and book your travel insurance to be well insured on holiday in Austria.

Owner / Conditions
During your stay we reserve the right to check the apartment.
If the apartment isn't cleaned or left dirty, we will invoice you the extra hours.
The main tenant is responsible for complying with the house rules / information and his / her fellow travelers who use the apartment.
In case of non compliance with the house rules, we can cancel the reservation and deny access without refund.

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